Getting staff back to work, safely

Virus Control Management System


Simple, comprehensive management

In all industries, the return to work is going to be a difficult process with many challenges. RedDrum have vast experience of the management of the IT systems of businesses, particularly in professional football, rugby and general business.  RedDrum Intranet systems have been used by their clients for over ten years, to provide ‘live’ management of the time and attendance of staff. Used by clubs in all four divisions of the football league, professional rugby, hotel chains, the construction industry and general business.

In concert with several of their clients, RedDrum have adapted their Internet based Clockin Intranet system, to provide an inexpensive, global, scalable solution to the return of staff to the workplace. It is now live with several professional sports clubs, managing the difficult process of the return of players and staff to the stadium environment. Administrative and office-based staff are also involved in the return to work and are subject to the same procedures.


Sectors we work with

  • Professional football 

    RedDrum have devised numerous stadium and staff management systems, in conjunction with their clients. Used throughout the English Football League, by clubs in all divisions. Global, inexpensive, Internet based control systems. 

  • Professional Rugby 

    Similar to football in many ways but systems have been developed further to reflect the commercial aspects of the business, including events management, sponsorship and staff control and attendance, through to payroll. 

  • Construction Industry 

    Control of the attendance of staff at single or multiple remote sites, from one Internet based control screen. Provides the ability to conduct medical screening at every site without medical staff being present. 

  • Hotel Industry 

    Suitable for the control of multiple hotels from a single management position, whether that be local or remote. Staff can be screened for symptoms prior to arriving at a place of work, to omit the threat of the virus being spread by staff. 

  • General Business 

    Many businesses operate multiple site environments, which are difficult if not impossible to control from a central location, to enable effective screening for virus symptoms. The RedDrum Internet based Virus Control Management System is perfect for this scenario. 

  • Pan International Clients 

    RedDrum have a number of clients that operate in a trans-continental environment, often in circumstances difficult for the operation of Information Technology environments. The Internet base of Virus Control Management System allows virus screening to be undertaken, regardless of locations. 


Internet based, scalable virus control management

  • intranet

    Internet – Intranet

    A complete, secure Internet managed system, requiring no installation that is fully GDPR compliant. Designed for use on mobile phones and other devices.

  • user

    User Control

    All staff have a secure individual account on the system, accessible from any internet-enabled device, from anywhere in the world. Visitors can also be catered for.

  • environme-nt

    Environment Control

    Scalable, to include circumstances where there will be many visitors to a particular environment, for example, a football stadium holding a match behind locked doors.


How the system works

  • Staff/Players/Visitors complete a medical questionnaire prior to attending their place of work/stadium/training ground, on any internet-enabled device – normally a mobile phone.

  • Where symptoms are indicated by a person returning a ‘Yes’ response, the system advises them to stay at home and seek advice as provided by each individual organisation.

  • A positive questionnaire, which indicates no symptoms, results in advice being given to attend the place of work, for a temperature check. In the system, the user is indicated as ‘awaiting temperature’.

  • A live management screen is updated automatically as each questionnaire is completed. Medical/Management staff are aware and able to manage the process from any Internet enabled machine.

  • Upon arrival, a temperature is recorded against each user. Where the temperature is within the parameters of 36.5 – 37.5 °C (configurable), the subject is indicated in the system as being ‘fit for work’.

  • Where a recorded temperature is outside of the system parameters, the subject is advised as provided by each individual organisation. In the system, the user is marked as having an ‘abnormal temperature’.

  • Each day the system resets itself, ready for the process being completed the following day. All records are maintained in a secure, GDPR compliant environment. Full reporting and printing facilities are available.

  • The system is completely adaptable and can cater for large or small numbers of users. Staff/Players/Visitors can also be scanned in/out of the system, following the completion of Stage 5, to create a complete ‘fire list’ of all persons present.

To book a demonstration, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

System visuals

System stages and control screen

  • x
    Self Declared Unfit

    User has completed COVID-19 form, and has marked an answer that declares them unfit.

    Abnormal Temperature

    User has completed COVID-19 form, and has had their temperature recorded onsite as abnormal.

  • exclamation
    Awaiting Temperature

    User has completed COVID-19 form, awaiting medical staff check.

  • tick
    Verified Fit

    User has completed COVID-19 form, and the medical staff have passed them as fit to work.


Get in touch to book a demonstration

The system can be fully demonstrated, in an online demonstration, in 15 minutes.  Please use the contact form or telephone 03333 449797, to arrange a demonstration. If telephoning, please ask for Paul Hilder, the Managing Director.