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RedDrum to the rescue!

Even with over 20 years experience of managing our clients networks, we didn’t really expect to be called into emergency action, so early in the New Year. One of our clients returned to work, to find that their network had been infected by cyber criminals, in the form of a ransomware attack, over the Christmas period.

Fortunately for the clients, RedDrum were well prepared for such an attack and all systems were back up and running within 24 hours, without any data being lost.

The developmental work and research that RedDrum had completed, over the last 6 months, in furtherance of opening two Disaster Recovery Centres, had led to the development of advanced backup techniques, which had already been deployed on the client’s site. RedDrum were able to deploy clean, virtual copies of the affected servers. Whilst there was still some disruption, without the provision that RedDrum had put in place, there would have been severe consequences for the business.

To learn more about how to prepare your business for such a disaster, please complete the contact form or contact Mark Williams, Operations Manager, on 03333 449797.