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MINT - The Management Intranet

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Mint - The Management Intranet

MINT The Management Intranet

MINT – Management Intranet is designed to be used across all general business environments. At RedDrum IT, we recognise that in any business there are certain business processes that have to occur for the organisation to operate efficiently and effectively. We wanted to create a management intranet system that maximised the efficiency of these business processes and created a lean business operations model. These basic business management principles are what we have used to create a general business management intranet system that is transferable across a wide range of business environments and can be completely customised to meet the requirements of any business.

The MINT intranet system is designed for multiple uses, with the principle aim of streamlining your business processes to improve the management and operations within a business. For any business to be successful, they need to ensure they are running as efficiently and effectively as possible, from data processes through to Human Resource Management.

The MINT intranet system has so much to offer, with various modules installed such as The Scheduler and Clockin, along with other applications that can help with creating and processing online forms and data the possibilities are endless. The MINT system provides business with a unified IT system that connects numerous aspects of a business and creates a centralised cloud-based network, giving more flexibility and transparency across each area of the business. With facilities for monitoring, adjusting and improving the system, the MINT intranet will ensure your organisation is continually evolving to meet new and changing demands.

We have had great success with implementing the MINT system across various aspects of business, but one true success story for our MINT system has been in the construction business, where working across multiple sites and with remote workers can make installing an IT system difficult.

Here’s what Charles Tomlin, IT Manager Alun Griffiths (Contractors) Ltd had to say:
"MINT has allowed us to introduce company-wide, document and forms control, something that is extremely difficult to do, with over 300 staff and multiple locations, throughout the UK. Other business processes are being refined and migrated onto MINT, to provide similar controls across our main, back-end, business processes. HR, Annual Leave Management and Asset Management are all in the process of being moved onto MINT.

Whatever sector you’re in, the MINT system could dramatically refine and define your business processes to ensure you are maximising your productivity, profits and growth. To find out more simply contact the RedDrum IT team on 03333 449797.


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