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HINT - The Hotel Intranet

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Hint - The Hotel Intranet

HINT – Hotel Intranet, is a system specifically designed for use in the Hotel and Leisure industry, to provide a high-level business management system that can be used across all areas of the business.

Our work with the Hotel and Leisure industry gave us a true insight into the challenges facing staff management and retail aspects of the business and demonstrated how a tailored IT solution could streamline their operations and give a transparent management system that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Traditionally most hotels manage their staff using paper records, spreadsheets, mobiles and email, which to be honest are antiquated and inefficient, with a far wider margin for error as there is a heavy reliance on many individuals keeping the information up to date. Even those hotels who have invested in a specialist management system may still experience restraints as these systems usually require the use of particular machines with the correct software installed, meaning access is limited to certain locations. In addition to this, most hotels operate on multiple sites, in large buildings and over a 24-hour period, which can make communication across the business difficult at times.

Examining these problems, we were inspired us to create HINT. Although we designed the system for a particular client, this cloud-based staff management system is specifically designed for hotels on a broader scale, and can be customised to meet individual business needs and objectives.

Not only is it an incredibly cost-effective IT business management solution, but also it creates a definitive structure across hotel management, so that each and every procedure occurring in the hotel can be monitored by individuals at any given time. With a wide range of employees needing to use the system, we have made sure it is incredibly user-friendly, so that even those with limited IT skills can easily operate the system, ensuring efficiency and compliance on every level.

With the help of HINT, you could streamline your hotel business management system and create a slick and efficient workforce on every level. Why not get in touch with RedDrum IT now to find out more. Call us on 03333 449797.

Ross Townley from Caradog Hotels, talks about how HINT has honed their business:
"HINT was initially introduced to help us sort out our HR and Annual leave management processes. It was so successful that it persuaded us to switch away from our existing staff time management system, to the live Clockin module. Clockin not only provides us and our staff with live data relating to their attendance, but it also calculates pay and any other financial data that we require, for costing, charging or resource allocation purposes. Clockin has been a major step forward for Caradog and we are currently assisting RedDrum with the development of The Scheduler, which will be used in conjunction with Clockin, to provide a complete staff attendance and management tool"


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