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Disaster Recovery Centres


What are RedDrum Disaster Recovery Centres?

This is a new departure for RedDrum, which is aimed at providing a complete Disaster Recovery Solution (DRS) for their clients. A Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC) was first deployed in an emergency, to meet an immediate need that a client had following a disaster.  It was extremely successful in mitigating the difficult circumstances that the client found themselves in and allowed them to continue trading without their clients knowing that their systems had been compromised.

There are currently two RedDrum DRCs, one located within the offices of RedDrum, in the Springboard Centre, Cwmbran, the other in central Newport, in the home of Newport Gwent Dragons, Rodney Parade. The DRCs provide complete, modern, replacement offices, for usage in case of a disaster occuring. Both are excellently located, with full parking and other facilities. It is believed that these are the first such DRCs in Wales.

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Features of a RedDrum Disaster Recovery Centre

Complete Office

From a technical perspective, both DRCs have fast internet connections and flexible, dedicated suites of computers and telephones. Offices can be tailored to the individual needs of each client. RedDrum Data servers are located on both sites and are connected to each other. Both sites provide a reception and meeting rooms facilities.

Complete Office

Work Space Deployment

Depending upon each particular Disaster Recovery Plan, on arrival, it will be possible to find computers ready and configured accordingly. This can Include software, hardware and data and is tailored to the needs of each client. The replacement DRC facility would normally be available to use, four hours after RedDrum being notified of an incident.

Work Space Deployment

VOIP & Telephony Services

In certain circumstances, such as where RedDrum already supply telephony services, it will be possible for calls to be automatically re-routed to the DRC. Staff would simply be swapping locations and be able to work as if they were at their desks. Your clients never need know! In all circumstances, it will be possible to forward/receive calls in the DRC.

VOIP & Telephony Services
  • Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

    In relation to the creation of a DRP, this involves the process of choosing appropriate goals and actions to pursue, the determination of strategies to use, actions to take, and deciding what resources are needed to achieve the required results. Each firm will have different and unique requirements.

  • Trust

    RedDrum pride themselves on having really close relationships with their clients. When disaster happens, it is necessary to have a partner IT firm that you can trust to help you get back up and running, ASAP. Disaster, is a two way street. It has to recognised that a disaster that occurs without a DRP being in place, is likely to be a disaster for all parties.

  • DRC options

    The DRC service is available in two distinct forms, either as a dedicated suite or as an annual subscription service, based upon the number of seats required.  In the event of a disaster scenario, client staff would be located in a DRC, for the duration of the disaster and provided with office, computer and telephone facilities.

  • Tailored requirement

    It can range from the very simple solution, of an office space, IT equipment and telephones for a small number of staff, right through to the complete relocation of an office or branch. Such a solution may include mission critical servers being backed up to RedDrum DRCs data servers, to facilitate staff being able to work from a DRC, as if they were working from their own premises.

  • Changing times

    On the first day of 2020 RedDrum had to rescue a client firm that had suffered a ransomware attack, over the holiday period. The backup regime allowed RedDrum to write off their existing data and to completely recover their systems from un-affected backed up data. They were down for just over 24 hours. This was the fourth disaster that RedDrum had dealt with in the preceding four months.

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