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Even now, as 2017 draws to a close, many businesses have yet to seriously address the problems that new data protection legislation will bring, in the New Year. The problem for most business is that they simply don’t have the necessary knowledge, within their workforce, to undertake the necessary work, to become compliant.

GDPR is so wide ranging, affecting business processes, legal compliance and information technology systems, that it is difficult to know who can help. There are many ‘consultants’ and even more software companies selling services that are of little or no use, in a long term compliance program. There are no quick fixes, no magic potions. The Government thinks that all businesses have teams of dedicated legal, IT, HR and Management personnel working full time, on compliance. We know that the reality is somewhat different.

The RedDrum team can help. Data Protection compliance is not new to us. We understand how businesses work across a range of industries and we have a highly skilled, technical workforce. RedDrum have a created a dedicated GDPR Intranet, to help firms with the initial compliance process and the subsequent, all important, ongoing compliance.

Led by a Certified EU GDPR Practitioner, our team understands the short and long term aspects of compliance. We think that our GDPR Intranet is a unique product and that it can provide a cost effective solution, in both the short and long term. However, the solution to your GDPR problems also has to involve your staff. Every business is different. A partnership is needed. RedDrum are very good at forming and maintaining partnerships with their clients. Some are approaching 20 years!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of GDPR, with the RedDrum GDPR team, then please call Paul or Mark on 03333 449797, who would be happy to talk to you. Neither of them will try and sell you any snake oil or magic potions!

For further information regarding GDPR, visit the Compliance section. To learn more about the Intranet, visit the RedDrum GDPR Intranet page, where you can download a brochure.

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