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Ikaros Solar 

Founded in 2007, the WElink Group is a specialised renewable energy company with extensive experience of solar project development and the design and implementation of energy efficiency programmes internationally.

WElink of today has evolved into a leading innovator, developer, financial aggregator, and facilities manager of modern, energy efficient modular constructions, working in collaboration with the world’s leading building materials company, China National Buildings Material (CNBM).

With offices spanning several continents, RedDrum have had to develop a global IT Strategy that allows for the various different aspects, of this group of companies, to be able to operate at optimum level. Aspects of the system include a CISCO Meraki based infrastructure, SharePoint document management, a MINT Intranet and other modern technologies.

RedDrum have had to be able to respond to managing multiple IT projects, in multiple locations. Current examples include the setting up the first WElink factory, in the UK and the ongoing development of a Research and Development Centre, on the the site of the Berkeley,  (former) Nuclear Power Station. The Clockin module of the MINT Intranet, is being developed to provide staff time/attendance management, for the manufacturing arm of the company.

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