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Friday, 27 March 2015 18:07

Dragons Rugby

Dragons Rugby 

Although we have no favourite clients, The Dragons are definitely a great organisation to work with. Their belief in what we do, and their willingness to let us do what we do best, is incredibly humbling. We've achieved so much with Dragons Rugby over the past four seasons, and the work we have carried out has become an integral part of all aspects of their operations.

Our work with the Dragons is where the whole concept of our CLINT Intranet came from. We developed the system with and specifically for them, but now of course it is also used by other professional sports clubs like Cardiff City FC too. CLINT is now used in every part of their day-to-day operations from match days and events, through to HR and annual leave automation.

They use each module of CLINT to great effect, with Clockin managing all attendance and payment of match day staff, the Match Day Logging System (MDLS) automates compliance with Green Guide, provides a complete match day management tool and a live interface with local Safety Advisory Groups too. The MDLS system has become so important at Rodney Parade that it is used for all professional sports events held there, including The Dragons, Newport RFC and Newport County.

We have also been working on developing a Professional Sports Module that is being launched in the 2014/2015 season, which will allow playing staff and coaches to interface with one another. The module is designed to supply scheduling information, such as training sessions and fitness plans, as well as an HR facility for the management of the playing squad.

As our first Professional Sports Club client, we hope to continue developing new and more efficient systems for The Dragons that will be integral to their operations now and for the future. 

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Friday, 27 March 2015 18:00

Cardiff City Football Club

Cardiff City Football Club 

Cardiff City FC is perhaps one of RedDrum’s most well known clients. Certainly, Cardiff City FC is one of the most famous clubs in Wales, but they also have nationwide acclaim for being the only club outside of England to win the FA Cup. An outstanding achievement!

As you would imagine, supplying IT support and management systems for a professional sports club is no easy feat. There are a whole range of unique factors to consider, that you simply don’t find in other industries and with technology now playing such a huge role in football and sport as a whole, clubs have to ensure their IT support team are up to the task. Not only that, but the Cardiff City Stadium is not solely used for Cardiff City FC, as it also plays host to the Welsh national team, UEFA matches, like the upcoming Women’s Champions League Final as well as conferences, concerts and other events, so the range of support they need is incredibly variable.

We rose to the challenges facing us and started by taking the time to understand fully the needs of Cardiff City FC. We started by installing a Cisco based Wide Area Network to allow complete access and a unified IT infrastructure. We then focused on one of the key areas where IT was needed, which was Match Day Support. We also implemented the CLINT – Club Intranet – that provides a comprehensive match day support management system with various modules installed, such as Clockin and The Scheduler, which allows for the effective, payroll and other vital match day information, as well as giving access to important information to other parties such as Police and Safety Advisors throughout the event. We are always striving to improve and develop our systems, to ensure that Cardiff City FC has an IT infrastructure that is continuously evolving and growing with them.

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Friday, 27 March 2015 17:42

CLINT - The Club Intranet

Clint - The Club Intranet

RedDrum have worked closely with several professional sports clubs to create the CLINT Intranet system, specifically designed to manage the unique sports stadium environment, simply and effectively.  CLINT can revolutionise the way that a club operates, in both a match and non match day environment. Internet technologies are used to provide maximum facility at minimum cost. CLINT is currently used by clubs in all divisions of The Football League.

At the core of the CLINT Intranet are the match day management modules. Modules such as the Match Day Logging System, The Scheduler and Clockin offer complete cloud-based management systems, which allow all parties involved in match day events such as stadia staff, Police, stewards and other Safety Advisory Group partners to access vital information throughout the event wherever and whenever they require it.

The Clockin module provides the ultimate staff management platform that has been designed to give an up to the minute account of all staff on site, as well as a complete payment management for all full and part-time workers, to include those are working on-site and remotely at numerous locations or even in different countries. If used correctly, this exceptional system, should eradicate the need for paper records and leaves very little margin for error too. All you need to run the system is access to an internet-enabled computer, and it will run independently of operating systems as well. The systems can even be set up for access smartphones or tablets for those needing to obtain information while they're on the go.

For more information on CLINT Intranet systems and how they could revolutionise and streamline your professional sports club management processes and operations, why not contact the team at RedDrum today on 03333 449797.

Mark Jones - RodneyParade LTD

"A maintenance module provides a facility for the reporting and resolving of problems that occur within a stadium. Using a workflow, problems are reported, distributed by a manager to a designated person to fix and then marked up as being resolved. This prevents problems being missed and multiple reports of issues being made, as the list is available to all staff.’"



Match Day Management Module


The Clockin Module


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