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Alun Griffiths Contractors

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Alun Griffiths

When we started working with Alun Griffiths, one of the largest privately owned civil engineering contractors in the country, we were keen to find out what their needs were and how we could meet them. Alun Griffiths are renowned for their excellent delivery on public work projects across the region, including work at Cardiff City Airport. With such great civil engineering achievements, it was a pleasure to work with them to ensure that their IT infrastructure was able to accommodate their vast workforce and practices.

One of the difficulties Alun Griffiths faced was a stream of continually changing projects and workers divided across multiple sites and disciplines, which made it incredibly difficult to install an IT infrastructure that would be accessible to all workers, at all times. The need for remote access and an effective staff management system was key. We took on the challenge and over a period of time, we have worked with Alun Griffiths to develop an IT business management system that is specifically designed for the nature of their business, improving productivity and business processes on every level.

Our approach involved implementing a Windows 2012 based Wide Area Network with distributed file sharing, cloud-based email systems, synchronised file sharing and a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, so information can be accessed, shared and uploaded by anyone at any time. Combined with a MINT – Management Intranet system to manage staff, HR facilities, forms and scheduling across the company they are now operating their business systems at a far more effective level and improving on processes all the time through continuous monitoring and development.

Indeed, RedDrum now work very closely with the well established and clearly led internal IT team at Alun Griffiths, to support and develop what is an ever growing and developing business. SharePoint has now been introduced to replace the initial Intranet, a Microsoft Azure deployment is taking place and various ERP systems are being evaluated prior to an ERP implementation. In IT and business terms, Alun Griffiths is an exciting place to be.

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